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Would you like to impress your audience? Would you like to have an interactive show that people will be talking about even after years?

Get to know a spectacle in the world of events that has a long-lasting impact on the audience!

Magnificent and astonishing game with your mind on the edge of reality with the sought after and impressively talented mentalist, Danny Blue!

Danny always conveys a sense of humor, natural charm and fantastic human knowledge through unimaginable stunts that raise the mood of participants your event for many years to come.


With inexplicable, impossible stunts, he demonstrates the incomprehensible power of the mind that will remain forever in the memory of the guests. Experience the art of "perception beyond senses" that directly and personally touches all participants.

Danny Blue Mentalist Show stage.jpg



Would you like to impress your customers with a show that is not only interactive but will also position your company and brand in a most remarkable way.
Be a part of a tailor-made experience with the amazing master of intuition and manipulation! Danny Blue knows how  to customize his show to your message or any existing concept! Conveying your core messages via an unexplainable performance makes your words stick in your attendees’ minds.


Experience that surpasses your reality in a unique, astonishing and in a corporate concept!

Is there anything more exciting, with which to surprise your employees, partners or clients?


Would you like to experience live mind reading? Would you want to experience all the magnificent demonstrations you could only see on TV?

Shock your world with the incredible abilities of Danny Blue and bring the impossible to life in a face-to-face encounter! Get an intimate and up-close experience that will leave you speechless and shaken! Thrill and mystery - all these from the amazing talent who has conquered the world and has been invited to the most exclusive events!



Danny Blue Death proof intuition.jpg

The Mentalist Show can be enhanced with this thrilling demonstration. Danny calls a man on stage, who is then goes inside one of four boxes without anyone knowing. Danny, who will then, relying on his intuition, proceeds to saw the three empty boxes in half. You can feel the excitement and tension from the very beginning of the act. By the time there are only two boxes left, everyone is on the edge of their seats, watching the demonstration with bated breath.


How would you like to make your promotion really stand out? Danny is your key to impressing the crowd! The “Publicity Stunt” is a bold and surprising feat that raises public awareness of the promoted product and of the company itself. It is a tailored attention-catcher performed on a public venue. It makes your brand unforgettable and unique, creating memories of the product that will last. 

Danny Blue Mentalist Tailor Made


Danny Blue Motivational Speech.jpg

In the case of professional events, there is often a need to engage the participants and spark their innermost genius with a performance that’s refreshingly different from what they were expecting. ’The power of your mind’ is a talk Danny has a unique take on. As a mentalist he is the one to talk about the unlimited power your mind can give you. This is the energizing jumpstart to rouse the crowd and get their minds really rolling. Feel free to enquire other topics from Danny, as has worked himself up to the famous and sought after mentalist, that he is today.

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