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Danny Blue is a worldwide performer and he uses the power of the human mind to ​impress people of all generations with his mind-reading skills.


He is a mentalist with fantastic memory, incredible intelligence and amazing manipulation skills to astonish millions of people from all over the world.


From Las Vegas to Dubai, from India to the Caribbean – they have all witnessed his inexplicable demonstrations of telepathy and telekinesis (moving objects).

It is not surprising therefore, that casinos banned him, private investigators  seeked his help and although his powers are not just limited to the stage, he uses his potential to make every event unforgettable.  

Danny Blue never departs without leaving an extraordinary experience behind and the questions​ arising prove his true impact on any audience.

Is Danny Blue really capable of mind reading or does he have a way to influence people?

Can he predict the future?

Would he tell us the lottery numbers? Or our company’s yearly profit?



How does he do it?

Is it possible that Danny Blue knows my every desire?

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