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An unexpected participant in Formula 1

The 2019 season of Formula 1 ends off officially with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. At the start of the season many were looking forward to the competition between the five-time winner British Lewis Hamilton and the four-time German world champion Sebastian Vettel, but this year there was also an extraordinary participant of the race.

Danny Blue, the well sought-after mentalist has been contracted for this year’s season. Although he hasn’t been racing on the track, but entertaining the pilots, guests and celebrities in the Paddock Club directly above the pit lane.

He had taken part in Formula 1 races a couple of times in the past two years, but as for this season, the organizers decided to take the Mentalist to many of the season's races. Thus, starting with the Bahrain race, there wasn’t any lack of mind-reading at the races in Baku, Hockenheim, Silverstone and Monza.

"Yes, I was asked to accompany the racing circus this season, and according to my schedule, I am able to take part in every third race," Danny Blue said.

While - during the official tests in Barcelona - the constructors were preparing for the season, the mentalist was not wasting his time either: he was cooking up new experiments to entertain the VIP guests of the Paddock Club, as he did before with Will Smith or Ashton Kutcher.

Danny Blue designed his exclusive show not for the stage, but rather being among the guests, as he wants to ensure that the audience experiences mind reading up close and personal.

The Paddock Club is a five-star grandstand just in front of the finish line. Guests can enjoy here the championships with champagne and a 5-course lunch, while meeting the pilots talking about their experiences, in a familiar atmosphere. Meanwhile, breath-taking entertainment is provided by the astonishing Danny Blue.

"Last year even Ricciardo was shocked not understanding how I found out the colour he thought of. Now I was considering to jot down my prediction regarding the name of this year’s winner," said the Mentalist.

Not only Danny had tips, but experts also keep on guessing about the 70th anniversary of the Formula 1 World Championship. It was an exciting season for sure, including 21 races, across 5 continents ending in Abu Dhabi. Guests were able to meet Danny Blue at many of the venues, having been enriched by an unforgettable mind-reading experience alongside the great competition.

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