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The show that's worth 1 million GBP

The recent trip of a mentalist was worth a record-breaking insurance. In the first months of 2019, Danny Blue - knocking on the doors of international fame from Dubai to Las Vegas - also gave a performance in London’s Wembley Hilton.

It’s extremely rare that a performance would be insured for nearly 1 million pounds, nevertheless, this is not a requirement on the British Islands either. The show was held in Wembley Hilton Hotel, right next to the impressive Stadium. In this elegant award ceremony, Danny Blue was the only performer to entertain 300 outstanding event professionals.

"Invitations from abroad are no longer unusual, and I am always glad when an illustrious company invites me because they remembered me from a previous event."

As far as insurance is concerned, the mentalist explained that from January 2019 he had included a new show element in his program that might risk the physical integrity of one of the guests.

“In an impossible experiment, three people from the audience and me hold an eighty-kilo (176 lbs) man only on our fingertips, and if we fail, the stunt may end in an accident. I don’t think this is the reason for such an insurance, I rather believe they wanted to be careful if they asked for a mentalist.”

Danny Blue's previous London performance wasn’t of less importance either, as he had dazzled the high ranking tennis player, Marin Cilic and his friends at an event before the Wimbledon tournament. Since then, he has travelled around the world with his amazing show, from Las Vegas to Sydney through Dubai and India, the Netherlands and Taiwan. In the meantime, he has left wondering faces behind... Will Smith, Ashton Kutcher, Barbara Palvin all experienced the Mentalist’s special abilities.

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