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What is a mentalist?

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Cutting-edge video series, unique to the field of performing arts

You might have heard of different performing artists you could hire to be the highlight of your event. But do you really know what they can do for your event?

Mentalist Danny Blue has just gone the extra mile to really show you what he can do for you, so he created a cutting-edge video series about the profession of a mentalist.

Danny is committed to giving a unique experience for his audience and finds it important that his customers get familiar with what opportunities his mind-blowing, well-built shows represent. With his exclusive video series, he is a pioneer in his industry. Each short video contains the most important information about mentalism, this special entertainment form, and its possible utilization.

Watching the video series could also give you an answer to how a mentalist’s performance could suit your company’s needs the best, and how you can strengthen your corporate message in your audience by involving them in such inexplicable moments. Whether you are planning a party, a kick-off event, a product launch or a reception, Danny can spice up the atmosphere.

While enjoying the videos, it will almost feel like Danny was sitting right there with you, you will understand the difference between a stage and a close-up show, the 3 most common misconceptions about a mentalist, or even the safety precautions Danny takes before each show. By now, you might really see that this kind of informational material is non-existent in the field of mentalism, or even the field of performing arts.

After understanding the mentalist’s way of entertainment you will be very well prepared to fascinate your guests with the help of Danny Blue, the mentalist. This is why we prefer to call it a one-of-a-kind video series in the event industry.

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