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Danny Blue’s collection of celebrities

Even more celebrities found themselves dazzled by the world-renowned mentalist, Danny Blue at the final race of this year’s Formula 1 season in Abu Dhabi.

This time it was none other than Steven Seagal, who was taken aback in astonishment by the performance presented personally to him. Even so, the Hollywood movie star, who is famous for his poker face, was still aware of his expression to remain true to his character.

“As I’ve already entertained a lot of people at the final race of Formula 1, I’ve been asked to amaze Steven Seagal as well, since he has been there too.” - Danny Blue explains, who decided at once to awe the actor.

“It was a fortunate meeting, as he could catch sight of me while I was entertaining the guests. He was curious to see what exactly was happening, so it was a perfect occasion for me to strike up a conversation and show him something special. It was a great experience for me, mainly because I can still remember his movies from my younger years.” - the mentalist - who shocked the legend noticeably - added.

It was not the first time when Danny caused memorable moments to the VIP guest of Formula 1. He had been chosen to be the official mentalist of the racing circus in 2019, thanks to which he could read the minds of such celebrities as Will Smith, Ashton Kutcher or the beautiful Barbara Palvin in the exclusive Paddock Club.

It seems that very soon the mentalist should get a photo album in which he can collect his photos shot with celebs. Who is going to be the next one?

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