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US marines disarmed by Danny Blue

As they say, the best parties are the ones that form purely by chance. This is exactly what happened - thanks to a surprise - on November 2nd 2019, when US marines were disarmed by Hungarian mentality. That is, to be precise, by the most famous Hungarian mentalist, Danny Blue, who hadn’t expected performing a show in Budapest Hilton Hotel.

“The American Embassy organized the United States Marine Corps Birthday Ball for the 24th time, where they invited more than 200 guests, including the Ukrainian, Croatian and Chinese military attaches. As an exception, I arrived not as being part of the show, but spontaneously and incognito”, Danny begins.
“One of my friends told me he had two tickets for the Ball and was sure I would accompany her to this amazing party, as she knows how I adore everything related to the States.” - Danny explains smiling.

He immediately agreed to go and wouldn’t have missed taking photos together with the marines.

“I thought I would show them something astonishing, to express my appreciation. As all of them were wearing full dress uniforms, I asked them to think of any color that they had on their clothings. You should have seen the surprise in their eyes when they realized I was indeed reading their minds.”

Their amazement was not unknown to such a sought-after mentalist, as Danny Blue. He is regularly participating in monumental events, where he is dazzling the guests not from the stage, but at close-quarters.

“This is what I do as the entertainer of this year’s Formula 1 team too. I’ve been entertaining the guests - like Will Smith and Ashton Kutcher - in the Paddock Club, right above the pit lane. These performances are just as important to me as the ones that I carry out on the stage. To be honest, maybe I enjoy these even more”, Danny adds. “This more and more popular form of entertainment is called ‘Close-up mentalism’, and its essence is to astonish the audience eye-to-eye. This way, the moments of amazement appear as real that you can almost touch them.”
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